Full Life Cycle Testing service

I2U testing services are single-window quality solution that integrates performance testing and efficient QA processes into every stage of the software development life cycle to give you shorter time-to-market, better cost control, and freedom from dealing with increasingly complex systems and regulatory guidelines.

Using our proprietary framework and Domain Test Accelerators with industry-leading tools like HP, Micro Focus, and IBM Rational, our skilled testing experts ensure the quality of your deliverables from the requirements gathering stage through the implementation and maintenance of your solution by running defect analyses to check testing effectiveness, system stability, test coverage, etc.

Performance testing for your application is made easier with tools for TechnoDeed. Scale your tests to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and generate load from multiple regions worldwide. Understand and fix performance issues before they impact your business.

Continuous testing : Test early, test often, release with confidence. You choose the technologies and frameworks, then test your changes continuously in a fast, scalable, and efficient manner. Whether your app is on-premises or in the cloud, you can automate build-deploy-test workflows. But it’s not just about speed—detailed and customizable test results measure the quality of your app.



  • Minimize capital expenditure
  • Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure
  • Save on personal, training, and operating costs


  • Redirect internal resources to focus on the core business and mission-critical projects
  • Free the executive team from day-to-day process problems
  • Shift focus from operations to strategic thinking, process re engineering, and innovation

Skills and Service

  • Minimize the impact of rapid technological changes without changing infrastructure
  • Ramp up and ramp down on a need basis
  • Level out cyclical or seasonal fluctuations

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