I2U systems provides business consulting services to all sizes. We have helped large companies implement new services and re-engineer their business process, start-up companies bring new products to market, and mid-size organizations develop and maintain software for internal use.We work with your personnel and existing vendors to understand your needs and provide solutions that satisfy your long term goals and short term objectives. Our consulting services can help you improve technology capabilities and provide the support you need as your business grows.

Using our broad range of consulting services and depth of expertise, you are uniquely positioned to obtain the maximum value on your investment and lay down a solid foundation that will advance your business for the years to come.


Custom Software Development Services

Solve your project’s problems with our Dedicated Teams services, build a mobile app that ticks all boxes,finish the digital transformation with our spot-on IT consulting.Intellectsoft’s software development services use the latest tech to help you reach your IT objectives within today’s demanding timeframes..


Dedicated Development Team


Quickly hire the right tech talent for your project with our long-expertise.we will help you build a loyal and easily scalable software development team

Mobile App Development


Meet your demanding deadlines with our mobile app development services that covarage a mobile platform,custom developmentand the latest tech

Enterprise Software Development


Support and streamline your oparations with scalable,well intigrated software that incorporates the latest tech and coordinates your other software.


Software Testing ang QA


Automated software testing, established standards streamlined QA lifecycle-use our software testing services to ensure smooth operation of your software ..

IT Cosulting


Enlist out top minds to perform a successful digital transformation of your enterprise that goes in line with your business objectives.

UI and UX Services


Create the products as you envisioned it with a design team you will enjoy working with our UIand UX design services rely and established standerds and ten-year expertise.






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